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at its finest


Technology at its finest


  • 21  high speed lifts
  • 24 seconds time of transport to highest floor
  • DCS – vertical transport optimization system
  • Skyliner app– advanced building application with possibility of integration systems introduced in leased space
  • NFC and BLE communication system allowing integration with all types of mobile phones operation system


  • Vehicle number plate recognition
  • Advanced access control (underground parking, building, leased space)
  • Common spaces monitoring
  • 24 hours security


  • Regenerative braking
  • LED lightening
  • Grey water recycling

Fire protection

  • Fire detection and warning system
  • Fire suppression system HI-Fog ®

Power supply and safety

  • Three independent power supply lines

Comfort and usage

  • Fully glazed façade with no view limitation
  • Undisturbed access of daylight
  • Low-iron glass
  • VRF air conditioning and ventilation system
  • Temperature and air humidity control
  • BREEAM excellent – certification