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About Skyliner II

Karimpol Group has received building permit for the second phase of the Skyliner complex. The 130-metre-high office building will be erected at Daszyńskiego Roundabout in Warsaw‘s Wola district next to the first phase of  the Skyliner project. The second phase of the investment project, also designed by the APA Wojciechowski Architekci studio, is scheduled to start in the autumn this year. The entire complex at 67 Prosta Street will offer 73,000 sq.m of leasable space.

Warsaw‘s new Skyliner II office building will have 24,000 sq.m of space on 28 floors. Most of the usable space (23,000 sq.m) will be allocated to offices while retail and service units will amount to nearly 1,000 sq.m. From the architectural perspective, the building will look much like the first phase of the Skyliner complex, filling the remaining space of the plot. The two skyscrapers will be connected by a shared lobby. In the second phase of the development project, the lobby will be a fully glazed entrance foyer with an open, illuminated, two-storey hall and mezzanine. As in the first phase, it will be entered via a representative staircase. The entire interior will be filled with lush natural vegetation. In total publicly accessible podium of the complex will have 4,500 sq. mof space intended for a retail zone, which will be available to both tenants and local residents.

The space around the project will also be green, publicly accessible and designed to encourage users of the complex and surrounding buildings to use it in their spare time. More trees, shrubs and other plants will line the sides of the new office building to create a pleasant promenade connecting the office buildings at Daszyńskiego Roundabout with the neighbouring residential projects.

For complex users arriving by car, there will be a 5-storey underground car park with spaces for more than 200 cars and a bicycle zone for 100 bikes.