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Mount Everest in Warsaw Successfully Climbed!

The seventh 24-hour staircase run, the Everest Run, took place last weekend. Participants ran up the 41 floors of Warsaw’s Skyliner office building, the flagship investment of the Karimpol Group. Six relay teams and 58 individual contestants climbed the height of the world’s highest mountain. Kacper Mrowiec was the first to reach 8,848 metres above sea level, while Mariusz Wrona climbed to the top of the skyscraper the most times: 100 times.

A total of 183 contestants, including 42 women and 141 men, took part in the Skyliner Everest Run 2023. The oldest contestant was 82 years old, and the youngest was 19. To climb Mount Everest, they had to run up the 41 floors of the Warsaw office building 56 times. As many as 58 contestants managed this feat, with Kacper Mrowiec being the first to do so. The runner from Żywiec started at 9:00 a.m. and was already halfway up after less than five hours. He reached the summit at 19:27. Mariusz Wrona was the absolute record-holder in this year’s run: he stood on the 41st floor as many as 100 times, reaching an altitude of 15,850 metres above sea level and beating the previous run’s record by 289 metres. Klaudia Krajewska was the woman contestant to reach the most heights: 80.

The contestants were provided with places to rest and replenish fluids, and were offered a recovery meal and access to showers. A team of lifeguards and volunteers, totalling 80 people, took care of their safety.

It was amazing to return to holding such an extreme running event as the seventh edition of the Everest Run after the pandemic break. The new Skyliner space has energised our project. We have made friends with the Skyliner, probably for good, knock on wood. What is key for our foundation is that everyone finished this stair run safe and sound,” said Michał Janas, Director of the RK Rescue Support Foundation.

The contestants in the run to the summit of Mount Everest in Warsaw included representatives of the event’s partners.

I am delighted that we could support this year’s Everest Run. It is a great initiative with amazing people. I personally experienced a lot of positive energy not only as a co-organiser but also as a contestant. Spacious staircases, plenty of fresh air, fast lifts, and a view of the city skyline opening with every Skyliner floor helped participants to comfortably reach their goals. We are happy that the tenants of the office building were involved in the initiative. Our thanks go to the representatives of Aon, iTechArt, Mattel, MicroStrategy, Mindspace, and XTB for taking part in the run. Skyliner’s general contractor Warbud S.A. also climbed the stairs: they entered as many as two relay teams,” said Szymon Zduńczyk, Executive Director at Karimpol Polska.

The Skyliner has some of the fastest lifts not only in Poland but in the whole of Europe. We have heard from the contestants that the fast ride from the top of the building to the lobby has really facilitated the event. We at KONE are happy to support the Everest Run, help the participants achieve their best results, test our lifts in these unique and demanding circumstances, and face the Everest challenge ourselves,” said Tomasz Kowalski, Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist at KONE.

All proceeds from the event will go to the organiser towards the purchase of life-saving equipment for children, as well as training equipment, including a heart monitor.

Everest Run Skyliner 2023 organiser: RK Rescue Support Foundation.

Event partners: Karimpol Group, owner of the Skyliner, and KONE, manufacturer of lifts, stairs and escalators.

Technology partner: Intelligent Technologies S.A.

In organising the event, the owner of the Skyliner building was supported by the team of VINCI Facilities Polska and DM Building.