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Record-breaking Skyliner Everest Run behind us

The 8th edition of the Everest Run took place last weekend. The 24-hour run up the stairs, for the second year in a row, took place in the Warsaw Skyliner, owned by the Karimpol Group. Records of the number of participants were broken. However, the most important thing is that it was possible to significantly support the organizer’s account – the RK Rescue Support Foundation.

2,310 floors – that’s how “enough” to climb to the height of Mount Everest. This year, a total of 235 daredevils took on this brave attempt – 60 more than in the previous edition. The challenge could traditionally be undertaken individually and in 4-person relays. The fastest to reach the goal was Bartłomiej Całka, who climbed the Skyliner’s 42 floors 55 times in 11 hours and 38 minutes. However, he did not stop there and ultimately finished the run after the 98th ascent, which was the best result of this year’s edition. At the same time, he broke last year’s height record by 50 and a half meters, climbing to 15,900.5 meters. Among women, the most frequent visitor to the 42nd floor was Klaudia Krajewska, who reported 74 times. During this year’s edition, 82 individual players and 16 relays reached the summit of Everest. Special recognition also goes to Marek Piotrowski (68 years old), who proved that age is just a number – he climbed the Skyliner 20 times. However, individual records are a secondary issue. The most important thing is to support the summit initiative.

We are proud that so many people selflessly join our event. A total of 35 volunteers and 33 medics helped the runners. Our organizing committee consisted of 8 people – we all do this non-profit, so that we can allocate all the income from this event, among other things, to pulse oximeters and equipment for clearing airways for the Medical Support Group – says Michał Janas, director of the RK Rescue Support Foundation (Fundacji Wsparcia Ratownictwa RK.).

This year, the challenge destination was on the 42nd floor of the Skyliner, in the beautiful interiors of the Look Up conference and event space. The view of Warsaw’s panorama from this perspective was certainly a reward for the difficulties of the challenge.

I am glad that the Skyliner has once again proven to be a great route for the Everest Run. Promoting physical activity and a healthy lifestyle is important to us. The experiences from last year allowed us to implement the run even more efficiently, and I am sure that the impressions from the last weekend will stay with the participants for a long time. We are very pleased that the tenants of our office building have once again joined the initiative. Thank you to the employees of Mattel and Mindspace. It is important that we all contributed to support the activities of our friends from the Foundation. We hope that they will be able to achieve further important goals thanks to this – says Szymon Zduńczyk, Executive Director at Karimpol Polska.

Representatives of companies partnering with the event also entered the Warsaw road to the top of Mount Everest.

We are extremely proud that KONE was able to participate in the selfless support of the Skyliner Everest Run. We are pleased that our KONE MiniSpace elevators made almost 3,000 trips in 24 hours, transporting participants from the top floors down so that they could start climbing again. These elevators move at a speed of 7 m/s, making them some of the fastest elevators not only in Poland, but also in all of Europe. Participants in the Skyliner Everest Run could save their strength for the climb, while enjoying a unique challenge. This is a perfect example of how technology can support extreme challenges and summit goals – says Piotr Kotowski, General Manager of KONE Polska.

The safety of Skyliner Everest Run participants was always ensured by a team of rescuers and volunteers – a total of nearly 70 people. All proceeds from the event will go to the organizer’s account and will be allocated to the implementation of its statutory objectives.

Organizer of the Skyliner Everest Run 2024: RK Rescue Support Foundation (Fundacja Wsparcia Ratownictwa RK).

Event partners: Karimpol Group, owner of Skyliner; KONE company, manufacturer of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways; Villa Foksal, owner of Look Up; Intelligent Technologies S.A., provider of technological services.

Media patrons: EurobuildCEE,,

The organization of the event was supported by the VINCI Facilities Polska team, the owner of the Skyliner building.