The story

We wanted to create a skyscraper that would serve its users for many years to come. That is why we asked architects to work on sustainable architecture. Rather than following short lived fashion we wanted to create a timeless building which can be seen in the context of other leading business centers in Europe and World. In addition, we were looking for technological solutions that would make the building’s use comfort higher than we have experienced so far. Full integration of all ways of city transport into the functions of the building. Lift strategy, low-iron glass used on elevation, unobstructed views and increased planning efficiency by column free areas and technology supporting users' comfort from the entrance: mobile phone recognition, touchless system of communication inside the building, control of the working environment by mobile phone. Advanced air filtering systems and ecological solutions for saving water and energy were applied to serve its users but the environment as well.

Today, looking at the end result, we are convinced that the Skyliner will be a landmark of modern business architecture of Warsaw. This is the building we imagined.

Harald Jeschek and Andreas Prokes Managing Partners at Karimpol Group of companies – investor of the Skyliner.

The architecture

Skyliner – the skyscraper. The building, thanks to its architecture, is a very characteristic element of the city skyline. It is distinguished by both proportions and carefully developed shape. The high tower – soaring and slender – was firmly set on a wide, glazed base 16m high. This elevation above the ground level is extremely important for its proportions. It gives the impression that the upper part of the building is floating above the ground. The most important architectural element of the entire Skyliner composition is a wall of architectural concrete, which connects a completely glazed hall, a 195-meter tower and the top of the building – a two-level, elegant Skybar. Its guests will see an amazing panorama of the entire city of Warsaw. The Skyliner is an elegant and timeless building and we are very proud of it.

Michał Sadowski – architect, co-owner and vice-president of the board, APA Wojciechowski

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A perfect location, open spaces and an extremely difficult to build structure of the skyscraper’s silhouette with a characteristic plume on top. The Skyliner - this is certainly a strong item in Warbud's portfolio - mainly because it is the tallest building constructed by Warbud as the General Contractor. Its construction required exceptional discipline and attention to the smallest details - all in order to meet the Investor's expectations and safely integrate this technologically advanced skyscraper into Warsaw’s urban fabric. Several dozen of our engineers were involved in its construction. They worked with over a thousand workers and subcontractors. We hand over to you this extraordinary facility with great satisfaction. It was built in accordance with best industry practices and with a lot of our engineering hearts.

Jerzy Werle - CEO of Warbud S.A.